Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The importance of condoms

One stupid mistake can lead to a life time of regret. At a young age people need to have drilled into them the importance of condoms and safe sex.

Pregnancy, HIV, AIDS, STDs are all caused from unprotected sex, and it is rare to meet someone who doesn't know a story of a person who has had something unfortunate happen to them because of a slip they made in the bedroom.

Unfortunately many of the consequences of unprotected sex are happen in teenage years and are alcohol induced. It's no secret that when we drink, we lose touch with reality and stupid mistakes can happen, and unfortunately this means unprotected sex.

Just one head job with no condom or vaginal dam can result in a lifetime of carrying a disease. Just one sex encounter with no condom can result in carrying a disease for a lifetime. Sharing sex toys with no protection and with people you don't know can lead to carrying diseases for a lifetime. And no condom can mean pregnancy.

The stakes are high for not using condoms. The argument people use is that it feels so much better without a condom, or I am on the pill, I don't need a condom. These are the thoughts that lead to bad actions and a lifetime of regret.

Diseases can be spread from mouth to genitals and vice versa, and they can be spread from bodily fluids. It's important to put the condom on at the start of sexual activity as the fluids produced early on in the piece are just as potent as those from ejaculation. No matter if you are on the pill, the pill may protect you against pregnancy, but not against diseases.

Condoms are particularly important on one night stands or with people that you don't know their sexual history. If you are in a relationship and you are considering stopping using a condom, it is highly recommended that both partners get checks to ensure a clean bill of health.

Accidents can always happen when using condoms, however the chances are in your favour that pregnancy and STDs will not be caught if you do use a condom.