Friday, June 22, 2007

The Fact Women Should Know

In this age of diseases, where women is more prone to fatal conditions, it is important to know that how can she reduce or minimize the chances of risk.

Be it a sexual intercourse, where she is vulnerable of STDs and HIV's, or be it the pregnancy or child birth, where the death rates are alarmingly high, she must know the measures which she can take to avoid this. In this fast developing world everything is in reach, and which can be used to their benefit.

Prevention is better than cure. Life is not the matter of choice; it is to be lived and to be enjoyed with better health. A good and balanced diet, is what one must take. Healthy eating habits go a long way, so it must be induced at the early age. Women are prone to be anemic because of the blood loss every month, which is to be replaced by a proper and healthy diet. It reduces the chances of complications while child birth. Only a healthy mother can deliver a healthy baby.

Every woman should know the unprotected sex can play havoc to their lives, especially if they are in multiple sexual relationships. They should know that a condom reduces the chances of sexually transmitted diseases, and they must insist to their partner on using the condom, every time, whenever, wherever, they have sex. Right use of condom is also must, otherwise it is ineffective. It is a shield to protect the women from the unwanted pregnancy and STDs, like Syphilis, Gonorrhea Hepatitis (viral), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), or Genital Warts.

To get rid from the unwanted pregnancy women often go to the wrong places to terminate it. Abortions are killing millions of women worldwide, every year. It must be done under the medical supervision, in any case. Whenever she feels that she wants to go ahead with the baby, she must plan it accordingly. Till then, she must use the contraceptive methods. She has the vast choice, oral pills, condoms, shields, Copper T, and even female condoms. These all are available at any nearest drug store. Within the reach of every women.

Try to have sex with the partner, who you know is not carrying any virus. If he is suffering from STD, she should stop having sex. It is the matter of no-compromise. It is the matter of life.