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Genital Herpes- The Types Of Common Tests

The experienced eyes of the doctor commonly diagnose genital herpes. Most of the doctors recognize the disease with clinical examination. To confirm the presence different tests are done. Many times the test reports indicate absence of herpes.

They need to be repeated after some days. All the testing facility may not be available everywhere. You need to discuss with your doctor about the reliability of the test and identification of HSV1 or HSV2. The test reports may be misleading if sample is withdrawn from old crusted sores. The common tests that are done to find out the presence of herpes are as below.

Viral Culture-

The common test to confirm the presence of herpes is culture test. In culture test, a small sample of fluid or cells is taken from the suspected sore with a swab. This sample is sent for testing. Many times, the results may be negative but you may be having genital herpes. This test is therefore repeated after some time. The test reports of rapid viral test can take 2 to 3 days while that of standard culture may take up to two weeks.

Herpes virus antigen detection test- In this test, cells that are taken from the sore are viewed under a microscope,. The presence of herpes antigens confirms the presence of herpes infection. The results o9f this tests are reported in a day.

PCR- this test is done on cells or sores. In this test the DNA of herpes virus is detected. This test can identify between the two types of Viruses- HSV1 and HSV2. PCR results are reported within three days.

Blood test-

In blood test, blood is drawn either by a needle or with a pinprick. This blood is tested for the presence of herpes virus. Some tests can identify between HSV1 and HSV2. A blood test can only tell you about the presence of virus in your body. It cannot tell you if you have an active breakout.

Commonly blood is tested for the presence of anti bodies of herpes virus. Your doctor will inform you about the reliability of the blood test he/she has performed, because many varieties of blood test options are available. Antibody test results are reported within two days.

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