Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treatments and Medication for Genital Warts Available in the Market Today

The Podofilox medication for genital warts is a cream based topical treatment. It's available as a prescription medication for genital warts but it can be applied at home. Directions for application should be followed strictly according to instructions or what your doctor prescribes. The way it works is by attacking the genital warts and dissolving them. A few weeks are needed for the Podofilox to work. Additionally this gel is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Imiquimod is a medication for genital warts available only by prescription but it is one of the few that can be applied at home, and not under a doctor's supervision. Imiquimod is applied topically to the genital warts. Although the dosage and the results for children under 12 years of age have not yet been established, it can also be used to treat genital warts on children over 12 years.

It works by helping to boost your immune system, and this is turn can help to fight off any virus that you have. And since the human papilloma virus is just that, a virus, Imiqiumod works to fight it in this way. You should also be aware that Imiquimod can in some instances weaken condoms and diaphragms. So if you aren't already abstaining from sexual intercourse because of the genital warts, you should at least abstain whilst using this particular treatment method.

Trichloracetic acid & Bichloracetic acid, As the name implies both these medication for genital warts are acidic in nature and should be used accordingly. Both the Trichloracetic acid and the Bichloracteic acid, works by burning the wart away. It has to be applied by a physician as it is an acid treatment and therefore needs to be used carefully. The acid needs to be applied only to the genital wart infected area so that it doesn't burn the skin around it. This medication for genital warts should only be used as per your doctor's orders, and is applied as a topical agent.

Interferon medication for genital warts has many side effects associated with it, besides which it is also an expensive medication for genital warts. Most of the time Interferon is used when other methods of genital warts removal have failed, or when genital warts recur after successful surgical removal the first time around. Even after the use of this treatment though, the chances for recurrence of genital warts is much the same with as it is with other treatments.

For Interferon medication for genital warts to be administered a qualified medical practitioner must be on hand, as the correct dosage of Interferon is injected into the wart. Repeated injections may be needed to get rid of the genital warts. If you're thinking about using this treatment discuss all the possible side effects with your doctor first, and weigh all your options. Interferon medication for genital warts is also not recommended for women who are pregnant, people who have seizure disorders, pulmonary disorders or cardiovascular disorders.