Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gonorrhea: A Sexually Transmitted Disease

Gonorrhea is one of the highly infectious sexually transmitted disease. Gonorrhea is caused by certain from of bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Gonorrhea infection thus increases the risk of one being infected by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, a virus which causes AIDS). When gonorrhea affects men it first infects the epithelium column of the urethra. Gonorrhea is transmitted to the vagina of the women through sexual intercourse, as the cervix in women is considered as the prone site of getting affected by gonorrhea from the male sex organs. Gonorrhea thus only spreads through the process of sexual intercourse. Gonorrhea also has the possibility of being transmitted to the new born child from the infected mother during the time of delivery thus causing the infants to suffer from eye infections. Spread of gonorrhea to the newborn babies is a rare case at present as babies eyes are protected through application of some eye medicines.

“But how does gonorrhea affects or spreads into the women body cells?” is a basic question which needs to be answered. Gonorrhea spreads into the fallopian tubes of the women thus resulting in inflammatory diseases in the pelvic region. But when a woman is sexually abused, it is more likely that the women will suffers infection in the genital tract or the infant will suffer infection in the mouth or the rectum.

Gonorrhea symptoms can be witnessed in both male and female as it is a sexually transmitted disease, though the symptoms may vary between the male and female sexes. In the women the cervix is generally affected with this disease which is very much contagious and it is transmitted to them from the male folk in the process of sexual enjoyment. Women when gets affected by gonorrhea may experience symptoms like abnormal bleeding, vaginal discharges, irritation at the outer area of the vagina and also may experience burning sensation due the process of urination.

In the opposite sex that is in men, gonorrhea affects the urethra. The symptoms of gonorrhea in men may be experienced through pus like release from the penis tip, urinating frequently, bleeding during the process of urination, sting during urination, swelling glands and also sometimes may experience the head of the penis turning red. When gonorrhea affects the throat or the rectum of both men and women symptoms like pain, discharge and swelling may be witnessed. Thus as gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease it is very likely that both the sexes of male and female gets affected by it.