Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

If you are amongst the people that suffer from bacterial vaginosis then you may wonder what it will take to take away the itching or the unbearable burning sensation. Maybe you have tried every possible bacterial vaginosis treatment available on the market and nothing worked, but trusts me there is other venture you might consider.

Although you think you might have tried everything (prescription and medication rounds) there are many other options available. Have you ever though about Natural bacterial vaginosis treatment?

But before you go that way you might want to consult your doctor just to make sure you are effectively suffering from bacterial vaginosis and not something else.

Other thing you might want to be informed about is if you intend on using herbal or natural remedy and are already taking medication. Just make sure one does not react adversely with the other.

This particular treatment is very popular and has been proven to work. Many women use it to get rid of their yeast infection. In fact you may already have heard it, this home remedy utilizes the aid of unsweetened yogurt.

There are two simple methods for this bacterial vaginosis treatment to be effective:

Method 1:

This method requires you to paint the walls of the vagina with the yogurt. This method can get fairly messy of course so we recommend you to wear a pad while the yogurt is applied to avoid spillage.

Method 2:

This second method is less messy and requires you to use a tampon. You just need to slightly coat the tampon in the yogurt and insert it into the vagina. Just make sure you replace it every few hours.

Another home remedy you can use as a bacterial vaginosis treatment is garlic. Note this treatment is not for the faint nosed. Garlic is known as a basic wonder-herb, it can do just about anything you need. Of course this treatment is not for everybody if you can’t smell garlic then just don’t use it But many swear by this method. It is a great bacterial vaginosis treatment.

One of the methods you can with use garlic involves peeling it first; you then wrap the garlic clove in a piece of gauze then tying it off with regular dental floss. Then you need to insert it into your vagina. Just make sure to leave a length of the dental floss dangling to be able to pull it out. Repeat every few hours until the infection gets better.

Of course these Natural treatments may not be for you in that case you should turn to other alternative Natural remedies. There are various treatments available from gamut to apple cider vinegar bath to garlic suppositories and yogurt coated tampons.